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Irregularities types in the processing trade field in China

<Irregularities types in the processing trade field>


Because the processing trade related to national taxation, it is strictly supervised by the State. Irregularity types of enterprises caused by negligence or accident are as below. According to its irregularity types, customs will take measures such as the penalty, recovery, criminal penalties, and drop of enterprise-level. So enterprises must pay attention not to breach.


Domestic sales or transferring of processing trade, without customs permission


Unknown reasons cause a shortage of processing trade products


Forged, false documents to fool the supervision authorities and process relevant procedures at customs;


Without customs permission, the processing trade products are used for outward processing or replacement;


Business enterprises fail to recycle the finished products, scraps, remaining materials and parts, by-products of outward processing;


Business enterprises fail to declare the shipment, processing and material quantity applied per unit, etc. of bonded products;


Other illegal, smuggling circumstances (such as loss of registration manuals).

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