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Tariff/Non-tariff barriers of the world?
Do the analysis and the solution at once!

I can know the information from HS Code, tax, expense to trade requirement this much simply?!

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Ways to see HS Code data by nation,
and your product information at a look

You can compare different policies and regulations by nation, here at once!

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Global expert networks,
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Get one-stop contact with experts and customers around the world!

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No language barriers!
Every information in FIVE languages!

Auto-translation is no more~! Search for trade information with precise translation.
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What a difficult HS Code,
Why don't we search it with images?!

With the A.I. deep-learning technology, it searches the HS Code for you with images only

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Use various solutions!

ITSilkroad provides various solutions necessary for information search and the analysis that are need for trading.

HS Codes can be searched with images?!

The easiest way to find HS code! Try the image search system.

Please drag the image file into the box.
Image files can only be the extensions of [.png .jpg .jpeg and .gif].
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Trade starts with selecting products!

Meet various products being handled by global enterprises.

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Meet with global companies around the world!

You can communicate freely with buyers and sellers around the world and do business.

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Let's ask to experts in various business fields!

You can handle your difficult trade procedures easily and quickly with global trade experts.

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    ITSilkroad already contributes to the global trade market as information network hub for companies around the world.













    API provision/partnership

    ITSilkroad receives the request for information provision and partnership as the form of API, iFrame and DB, to cooperate with various fields.

    Images to HS code

    Deep Learning Base

    Over 500,000 training sessions with 42 million image samples. Day by day progress

    Currently, about 90% accuracy

    TCS to Shopping mall

    Deep learning base, in 5 languages (English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

    Global expansion of sales opportunities

    Immediate analysis of costs and regulation can be provided (covering 33 major trading countries)

    HS Code & Description

    Provides HS code and product name of 33 different countries in 5 languages (English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

    Sophisticated translation (not automatic translation)

    Real-time update

    HS Searching tool

    Deep learning based, sophisticated HS search tool covering worldwide classification cases

    Searching and showing results in 5 languages (English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

    Hit ratio about 98%

    Non-Tariff Barrier Commentary

    Existence of non-tariff barriers, requirements, and regulations by each HS Code in 33 countries and breakthroughs

    Approximately 6000 manuals (average 7 pages)

    Provided in 5 languages(English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

    Other Data

    World trade trends and statistical data

    Tariff rate, specific duty, internal tax information of 33 countries

    In-house ERP and combined solutions, etc.


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