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Overview of Taiwan's Import-Prohibited Commodities

[Overview of Taiwan's Import-Prohibited Commodities]




In Taiwan, a variety of commodities are designated as import-prohibited commodities owing to political, economic, and social reasons. From among import-prohibited commodities, some commodities are designated clearly by item, but, others are designated as an abstract category. Especially, you need to note that import-prohibited commodities in Taiwan are involved with the cold war with mainland China.



Base Regulations


According to the Taiwan's Trade Act, organizing agency may prohibit trade related to specified regions, specified countries and specified commodities in consultation with the Executive Yuan by taking national security, international treaty, etc. into account.


According to the Taiwan's Customs Act, currency counterfeited or modulated, printed security and counterfeit money, commodities infringing on trade mark rights and property rights, and commodities specified as not being allowed for import, or as import-prohibited commodities by other individual law shall be specified as import-prohibited commodities.



Import-Prohibited Commodities in Principle


General people may not import the commodities listed as below in principle, but such commodities may be imported for the case that special permission is granted for academic research, and national defense, etc.



General traders other than Taiwanese government, or military agency whose permission is granted shall not handle such articles.


Narcotics and pathogens;

General traders other than Taiwanese government or research institutions, hospitals, etc. whose permission from government is granted shall not handle such articles.


Specified animals and plants or products thereof;

Imports may be prohibited for items which are likely to do harms on human health, or to destroy ecological environment, which are specified by relevant law such as [Quarantine Regulations for Import Plants or Plant Products], etc. and animals and products thereof which are likely to spread BSE and infectious diseases.


Wildlife, and endangered animals and products thereof;


Counterfeit currency, securities and bank notes, and counterfeit printing plates;


Gambling instruments and lottery issued by foreign countries and the equivalent tickets;


Books, photos and obscene items hampering good morals;


Books and supplies for Communist propaganda;


Commodities that infringe intellectual property rights;


Prohibited commodities specified by other laws.



Unconditional Import Prohibition


Taiwan prohibits imports against specified commodities from specified countries unconditionally, and such commodities are as below:


Import prohibition of commodities made in China


1) Items specified in CCC(HS code)

From among commodities whose country of origin is China, commodities specified by CCC(HS code) of Taiwan as import-prohibited commodities may not be allowed for import(around 2,200 items by 11-digit).

Provided, that the number has been reduced annually owing to reconciliatory atmosphere between mainland China and Taiwan.


2)Import-prohibited commodities related to ideology

Commodities made in China whose relics of ideology remain as below shall not be imported to Taiwan.


Commodities attaching with flag of P.R.C), or coat of arms;

Commodities with brand of P.R.C and the equivalent commodities, that is, commodities with specific political natures of brand such as national flag of P.R.C, and coat of arms, party flag of Communist;

Commodities with marks(party flag, party coat of arms, etc.) related to Communist party;

Commodities with marks of national flag of P.R.C and its similar marks;

Other commodities containing China's system and political natures.


Import prohibition of commodities made in North Korea

In order to protect farms in Taiwan, 6 items including garlic, vegetable, etc. shall not be imported from North Korea.



Effects of Handling Import-Prohibited Commodities

Against the person who imports relevant commodities without reasonable authority, Customs may confiscate or destroy such commodities, and such importer may be subjected to criminal penalties.



Other References


Commodities which fail to satisfy requirements for import regulations other than import-prohibited commodities listed above shall not undergo import clearance in Taiwan, which in fact, has similar effects with import prohibition.


This program is guiding you through specified import-prohibited items from China and North Korea by item(HS code).

But, this program doesn't provide information on abstract import-prohibited commodities such as items praising communist, weaponry, etc. Accordingly, it should be noted that abstract import-prohibited commodities shall be subjected to individual determination, or authoritative interpretation of Customs based on the purpose of law. 


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