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Harmonized System Navigator (HS code)

HS Navigator
2014 HS Code,Tariff Rates, Regulations, etc.
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  • This is a new-concept, creative search tool showing HS code by commodity, customs duties, internal taxes, regulations, import & export requirements and documentation in relation to the above countries.
  • Please check one or several search target countries, and click the Run button to start the search.
  • The search is basically done in a way of taking HS code in your own language as a navigator, and matching it with HS code of other country. English users may search directly in English.
    (ex: Japanese users ⇒ find HS code of Japan first, and then match it with HS code of other countries in a sequential order)
  • If you want to search HS code of other countries directly without passing through a relay language, please select the language of your target country on the top of the main page of this site.
  • The information of the above four countries can be retrieved at the same time in a cross-matching way, also showing the results together.