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Greetings! Welcome to IT-SilkRoad!

  • Necessity for membership
    • The membership and login are basically required in order to fully use this site and after becoming a member of this site, you have to log in this site to manage your information.
    • This site stores safely all the members’ information after coding it, so it won’t be misused or released outside under any circumstances.
    • You can become a member of this site basically for free.

  • How to enroll
    • This site collects the minimum information required as a global site.
    • - It uses an ID system created by email. It is impossible to become a member of this site with an invalid email.
    • The password should be entered to the password field only for the use of this site. Accordingly, it’s recommended that you don’t enter the password of your email, but an extra password for accessing this site.
    • Enter or select the information on all the items with asterisk and click on “Submit” on the bottom of page and you become a member of this site.
    • The information of members becomes the fundamental data for using a variety of menus and functions in this site. Accordingly, entering the true information cannot result in disadvantage.
    • The members who joined this site before the renewal of this site (before June 30, 2012) don't need the additional application process. Then, because the ID system was changed to an email ID system, the ID for a new login box should be entered with the existing email address, not the existing ID, and the password, with the existing same password. The old members are recommended to revise the existing information to the new after logging on and clicking on a button for Information Management.
      If the existing member tries to sign up as a new one, it is impossible to sign up as a new member because his/her own email is overlapped with the existing email address, then it’s recommended to log on using a function to find the password or to sign up newly using other email.

  • How to login
    • ID is composed of the full email address which you entered when becoming a member of this site.
    • In case you cannot remember the email used for your ID, you have to give another email to us or to sign up newly with another ID. There is no a way to restore the forgotten ID.
    • If you remember ID but not the password, you are required to create a new password after pressing a button to find the password on the bottom of a login window.

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