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TCS Item Search

※ Summary for Item Search
  • 3 options(Keyword search, HS code search, Directory search)- show same results
     - Press Enter after entering key words, or click Search.
     - Press Enter after entering HS code, or click Search.
     - Click category by section or chapter without entering any information.
  • You may click until pop-up window of item search disappears.
  • In all search options, you need to select items on item search pop-up window to access simulation service.
  • It's the most important part on the main TCS page.
  • Departure or arrival country should be the one of our four major countries(Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan). Otherwise(if you select OTHER), the search bar remains inactivated, not allowing you to enter any information.
  • In case both departure and arrival countries are pertaining to our four major countries(Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan), if you select item of a country, under TCS program, item of counterpart country may be chosen automatically linked to it. In this case, the order for selecting items of departure and arrival country may not affect simulation results.

Language and Item Selection
  • When it comes to trade, item selection means HS code selection. According to WCO Convention, each member country has the same 6-digit HS code system, at least, even though following digits may be different. TCS system allows you to easily select HS code of other countries by linking 6-digit HS codes between countries.
  • HS code and item description of other country aren't translated, but the system is designed to allow you to simply find matching code in your language.
  • Searching HS code by language is provided as below:
    • When Korean, Chinese(traditional, simplified) and Japanese users try to find HS code of other countries, your own HS codes in your language act as an navigator.
      • Procedures that a Japanese user sends items from China to Korea : ① item selection in Japan's HS code system ⇒ ② Matching China's HS code system ⇒ ③ Matching Korea's HS code system
      • Procedures that a Japanese user imports items from China to Japan, or exports from Japan to China : ① item selection in Japan's HS code system ⇒ ② Matching China's HS code system
    • If you are English users, you don't have to use such navigator, but simply find HS code in English, and then match that of counterpart country.

Item Selection Method
  • You can have 3 options of item search, 1) Key words search, 2) HS code search, and 3) Directory search which will show the same results.
  • You can continue to click item until pop-up window disappears.
    • Key words or HS code search
      • You can enter key words or HS codes, and then press Enter button. Or, click Search button to see item search screen as pop-up.
      • In key words or HS code search, you can search items by entering item in the box at the top of pop-up window for selecting items as well as in default prompt tag.
      • In many cases, description of HS code is a little different from usual name of item.
      • TCS system contains about up to 3 million key words in usual language per each language. But, key words are categorized as displayed key words and hidden key words, which are all linked to HS codes.
      • You can enter key words in your own language or English(if you fail to find an item in your language, you'd better search it in English.).
      • In entering key words, if you have a blank space between words, you may have same result as you have AND search form(ex : women coat).
      • If you enter numbers only, it's recognized as HS code. So, the system will display matching items with the preceding digit code according to entering numbers in the order.
      • If you choose key words or HS code search, you can search 5 areas at the same time, such as hidden usual language, HS description, classification case, English Further Classification and HS Notes.
    • Directory Search
      • If you click (item) Search button in the blank box, HS code directory screen is shown.
      • Search by section(Main category) and search by chapter(Sub category) are interconnected, which mostly, short digit codes(heading) are all about raw materials, and longer digit codes(subheading) cover finished products.
      • In this part, you can find the items you want.

    • ※ Example 1 : Key words search

      ※ Example 2 : HS Code search

      ※ Example 3 : Directory Search