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HSN User Guide

1. What is HSN?
  • Do you want to easily access trade information of other countries in your own language?
  • Do you want to check trade-related tariffs, regulations and procedures at a glance?
  • Also, do you want to obtain country compared information on the above matters?
    You can do all these things at once by only searching your trading items.

    HSN is short for Harmonized System Navigator.
    This is a creative, new-concept search tool that HS code in your own language as navigator lets you easily access not only domestic information but unfamiliar information in other countries. (currently, it's limited to the information of Taiwan, Japan, China and Korea, but will be extended to other countries in a near future.)
    HSN system is a part of modified version from our original TCS information to make it more easily access to the core information, but falling short of TCS system in detailed attributes.
2. Selection of Language and Navigator
  • HS code as a navigator becomes different according to the language selected on the top of the site.
    • Simplified Chinese ⇒ use China HS codes
    • Traditional Chinese ⇒ use Taiwan HS codes
    • Japanese ⇒ use Japan HS codes
    • Korea ⇒ use Korea HS codes
    • English ⇒ directly search English HS codes without passing through your own language as a navigator

  • If you want to search HS code of other countries directly without passing through a relay language, you can select the language of your target country on the top of the main page of this site.
3. Selection of Search Countries
  • You can select one or several search target countries at the same time.
  • After selecting search countries, press Run button to proceed with item search.
    (Please disable pop-up blockers to show search box if pop-up blockers in your computers are working)
  • If you select other language except English, the country of such language is automatically selected to serve as a navigator. But, in case you select English, no country is selected automatically. Then, you require to choose at least one country on your own for normal search process.
4. Item Search

  • Summary for Item Search
    • 3 options(Keyword Search, HS code Search, Directory Search)- showing the same results
      • Press Enter after entering key words, or click Search.
      • Press Enter after HS codes, or click Search.
      • Click category by section or chapter without entering any information
    • If you select several countries at the same time, continue to search by country in conjunction.
    • Continue to click until the result screen of search country is shown.

  • Selection of Language and Item
    • In trade, selecting commodities means selecting their corresponding HS codes. According to WCO Agreement, every country has the same 6-digit HS code system(sub-digits may become different). Given the principle, HSN system is logically designed to make you easily match HS codes of other countries with those of your country through 6-digit HS codes connection.
    • You may not find HS codes and description of other countries in your own language, but our matching system between 6-digit HS codes surly help you navigate through exact HS codes and descriptions you want to find.
    • This is how HSN system helps you search HS codes according to languages.
      • When a Korean, Chinese(simplified), Japanese, or Chinese(traditional) user tries to search commodities with HS codes of other countries, HS code system in your own language may serve as a navigator. In this case, your country is automatically selected as a search country.
        Example) Processes of the case that a Japanese user searches commodities of China first and then Korea later: ① find commodity in Japan HS code ⇒ ② match China HS code ⇒ ③ match Korea HS code ⇒ ④ show search results for Japan, China and Korea
      • If you are an English user, you can directly navigate English HS codes of your search countries without using the above navigator, matching HS codes of other countries in a sequential order.

  • Item Selection Method
    • You can have 3 options of item search, 1) Key words search, 2) HS code search, and 3) Directory search which will show the same results.
    • You can continue to click until the result screen is shown.
    • You can type key words or HS codes(numbers), and press Enter, or click Search button.
    • HS Code Commodity Descriptions are mostly different from general terms.
    • HSN system contains approximately 3 millions of key words in general terms by each language other than HS code commodity descriptions. Simply, such key words are categorized as exposed key words and concealed key words, all with corresponding HS codes.
    • Entering key words in native language or English is all available. (For the commodity which is unavailable in your native language, you can search in English.)
    • In entering key words, if you have a space between words, such words have the same search result as you have AND search form. (ex : women coat)
    • When entering numbers only, they're recognized as HS codes. Incomplete HS codes are okay to search commodities within such code category. The system will display matching commodities from front digits of code according to the input sequence.
    • If you choose key words or HS code search, you can search 5 areas at the same time, such as hidden general terms, HS description, classification case, English Further Classification and HS Notes.
    • If you click (item) Search button in the blank box, HS code directory screen is shown. Search by section(Main category) and search by chapter(Sub category) are interconnected, which mostly, short digit codes(heading) are all about raw materials, and longer digit codes(subheading) about finished products.

    ※ Example 1 : Key words search

    ※ Example 2 : HS Code search

    ※ Example 3 : Directory Search

5. Utilization of the results screen

      Anyone interested in the trade may easily understand the results screen.
Search Result by Country
Simply click search country in results screen, and you may find information of such country.
Classified search information
All information by country is classified as categories covering view all, commodity classification(tariffs, requirements, reduction info), export information(tariffs, requirements, drawback info). In the results screen, you may find various in-depth information which will be shown with a button click only.
Flexible Refined Search
If you click on upper button(↑), you can search again the upper level of the subject commodity. Also, previous(←) or next(→) button allows you to find previous commodity or next commodity in HS codes respectively. In addition, the results window lets you try 3 search options above mentioned.

In case you view information of multiple countries, a country-specific re-search may not change the information of other countries.

If you want to search agin other country comprehensively, not a specific country, simply turn off pop-up window, and back to search again.