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AAA User Guide

1. Outline
AAA, which is short for Any question, Any country, Any item is the menu where you can ask any questions and give answers you know to everyone across the world without any barriers which country, item, language, and other matters bring. In international trade, sometimes, any little piece of information and knowhow can have significant influence over profits or costs. For your more successful business, you can post any questions and answers here which will help you a lot to find solution.

AAA is distinct from any other Q&As in the following.
  • Highly useful by integrating questions and answers with TCS system by country and item.
    (Simply click Q/A button on simulation result page, and you can search Q/A related to the result.)
  • As it relates to trade, you can access any Q/As, whether domestic or international.
  • You can access more in-depth Q/A about specific item.
  • There is almost no limit for Q/A language.
  • If a user piles up certain amount of points, he/she can enjoy substantial benefits, such as free use of the services of this program, or free promotion, or any other privileges.
2. AAA Configuration

If you don't log in, you can access Q/A posts, but can not type any Q/As and comments.

  • View all
    It has almost all features, such as view, search, details, answer, question, and other matters.
  • Question
    It's solely for questions.
  • Answer
    It contains unanswered questions.
  • My Question & My Answer
    You, as a member, can manage your records of Q/As on this page.
3. View all
You can simply click AAA tab in the main page to see View all page.
It has the list of questions, regardless of the language.

  • Question
    After entering title of question, you can click Question, or Enter button. Then, it moves to the page of Question where you can type your questions in detail. Please see below for more details.
  • Search
    You can search for Q/A you want by basically selecting key words, country, language, and field. If you want to return to the original list, you can click [Arrow] mark(reset button) on the bottom of search button, or click View all tab.
  • Arranging in the order of points
    Based on points of the list, it sorts points in ascending and descending order.
  • Details
    Simply click the list you want to view, then you can use features below:
    • Check details of Q/A
    • Give answers and comments for questions selected
    • Questioner can adopt the best answer of all answers
    • Recommend answers by clicking recommendation button
    • Report rogue Q/A
4. Question
You can use Question tab in two ways, which brings the same results.

  • View all Tab
    If you type questions and click Question on View all page, it moves to the Question page. The column of title will show the content you typed on View all page.
  • Question Tab
    You can click Question tab in AAA tab, and directly move to the Question page.

Tips for Entering Question

  • Query Language
    The language you select here refers to the one that questioner uses to ask a question, or wants to get answer in.
    It's also used when you search for questions by language in the list of questions.
  • Title
    You can type the content of question between 5 to 150 characters.
  • Content
    You can type the content of question between 5 to 10,000 characters.
  • Classification
    The exact question may bring the exact answer. You can select one from various options for each category.
    • Question fields section refers to the category of question, and you need to select both main category and sub category.
    • In the section of Country related to question, you can select a country closely related to question. If the question has no relation to specific country, you can check Irrelevant to country.
    • In the section of Item Related, you can select items related to question(4-digit of HS code). You can use search tool this program provides, or Direct input or Irrelevant to item.
    • In the section of Provide points, you can decide points you want to provide for the person who gives the best answer. If you provide more points, you can get more satisfactory answer.
    The question classification above is linked to TCS system to enhance the efficiency. Therefore, if you select options faithfully in classification section, it will be greatly helpful for you and another person.
    Sections for Country related to question and item related are designed to bring the final simulation result the user performed, and such data is set as default when you move to Question page.If such selection is not suitable for the purpose of question, you can select differently here.
  • Submit and Preview
    After entering question is completed, you can check what you entered through Preview. If you find no errors, you can click Submit button. You can check what you posted on TCS result page, AAA View all page, and AAA Answer page.You can delete or edit your questions when no answers are found.
4-1. How to search the item
This site is focusing on integrating all the functions into HS code. Even though a little burdensome, if you enter HS code according to instruction, you can use this site far more efficiently and acquire more various information.

The 4-unit option of HS code about the interested goods is composed of three ways: [Item search (HS)], Direct input, Irrelevant.

Item search (HS)
The choice of Item search (HS) method activates a pop-up window to select HS code where HS code can be selected as 3 ways: Keyword search, HS code search, Directory search.

  • Summary for Item Search
    • 3 options(Keyword Search, HS code Search, Directory Search) - showing the same results
      • Press Enter after entering key words, or click Search
      • Press Enter after HS codes, or click Search
      • Click category by section or chapter without entering any information
    • Click until a pop-up window disappears

  • Item Selection Method
    • You can have 3 options of item search, 1) Key words search, 2) HS code search, and 3) Directory search which will show the same results.
    • When it comes to item choice, continue to click until a pop-up window disappears.
    • You can type key words or HS codes(numbers), and press Enter, or click Search button.
    • HS Code Commodity Descriptions are mostly different from general terms.
    • Contains approximately 3 millions of key words in general terms by each language other than HS code commodity descriptions. Simply, such key words are categorized as exposed key words and concealed key words, all with corresponding HS codes.
    • Entering key words in native language or English is all available. (For the commodity which is unavailable in your native language, you can search in English.)
    • In entering key words, if you have a space between words, such words have the same search result as you have AND search form. (ex : women coat)
    • When entering numbers only, they're recognized as HS codes. Incomplete HS codes are okay to search commodities within such code category. The system will display matching commodities from front digits of code according to the input sequence.
    • If you choose key words or HS code search, you can search 5 areas at the same time, such as hidden general terms, HS description, classification case, English Further Classification and HS Notes.
    • If you click (item) Search button in the blank box, HS code directory screen is shown. Search by section(Main category) and search by chapter(Sub category) are interconnected, which mostly, short digit codes(heading) are all about raw materials, and longer digit codes(subheading) about finished products.

    ※ Example 1 : Key words search

    ※ Example 2 : HS Code search

    ※ Example 3 : Directory Search

Direct input
If you know the HS code of interested item, you just select Direct entry and then enter the 4 unit HS code at entry field. In case of the screen jumps from TCS result to AAA, the 4 unit HS code selected in time of TCS simulation is displayed.

In case of question without selecting the HS code of interested item, you just select irrelevant and go ahead.
5. Answer
Answer tab shows the list of questions with no answers attached.
You can find questions to answer in View all tab as well. But, you can find questions to answer in View all tab only for questions which already have answers of another person.

You can give answers after selecting country, language, etc. you want to answer.
It'll be more helpful if you give an answer in language the questioner wants.
6. My Question & My Answer
In this tab, you can check points you acquired, and questions and answers you posted, and the number of comments.

My Question shows the list of questions you have posted, and you can adopt the most faithful and useful answers of all answers posted. In addition, you can delete and edit your question when no comments and answers are posted.

My Answer shows the list of questions you have posted. You can edit and delete before the questioner adopts the best answer, or before any comments are posted..