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It's thought to be so lucky that I can access IT-SilkRoad.
I run a company specialized in importing high-price printer, communication device and etc. through bidding and then supplying them to domestic area. Because it was not easy to anticipate the bidding price and supply price in the view of this business characteristics, I have experienced the loss several times so far, so I was seeking a variety of ways in order to avoid this situation. One of them was the trade cost simulation system of IT-SilkRoad. After simulating with the goods we have already imported , we found there was not a big difference, so we decided to introduce the system to our business. While using the simulation in short time after introducing the system, we found that the goods we were handling then belonged to the exemption of tariff: even the exemption rate of 80% for some goods. Because the price per unit was so high and we had to pay a great deal of money in spite of a small amount of tax rate, the discovery was pain as well as good news to us. It was because although we requested the tax exemption of existing imported goods, we were informed of the fact that it was impossible to apply the retroactive exemption to goods. If we could access IT-SilkRoad a little earlier, the tax exemption should be applied several times. However, I think it's fortunate that we can acquire this information now. Because I trust the information from IT-SilkRoad, I am scheduled to give a big challenge one more time.
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