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FAQ for Item Search
Why do I need to go through two or three search processes to find final article description even though I entered the exact HS code?
  • TCS program is devised to help users more easily find intended article. For that purpose, the user needs to select HS codes in his/her own language, and then match it with one of other countries.
    • In case Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, or Traditional Chinese users try to search HS codes of other countries, HS code system in their own languages serves as a navigator.
      • 3 steps : when a Japanese user ships goods from China to S. Korea
        ① select an article in Japan HS code ⇒ ② match China HS code ⇒ ② match Korea HS code
      • 2 steps : when a Japanese user imports goods from China to Japan, or exports from Japan to China
        ① select an article in Japan HS code ⇒ ② match China HS code
    • If you're an English user, you don't have to rely on navigator. Just directly search HS code by each countries in English, and match HS codes of other countries.

Can I check what country's HS codes I'm selecting in the course of searching?
  • Yes. You may find the sign below at the top of search pop-up window indicating where you are.
    e.g.) [ Korea - HS Tariff ]

Why can I find several article descriptions marked in red, not just one when I select HS code of a country and move to search next one?
  • WCO(World Customs Organization) established basically 6-digit HS code. Customs at each country is formulating and implementing each version of HS codes by autonomously expanding original one to more than 6 digits. Therefore, HS codes of each country aren't perfectly matched all the time. That's why the system logically displays a full range of articles possibly related to selected one.

Now we see the latest version of HS codes in this site?
  • Yes, this site is always updating the latest version of HS codes of each countries.

Why do I need to select HS code again after finding the exact HS description by keywords search?
  • HS description, classification case, (ENG) further classification, and HS note in HS code search window are tools set to help unexperienced users in HS classification have exact easy access to HS classification. So, whenever searching items, you basically need to reconfirm item name in HS code tab, and then select HS code.

When I typed HS code for country of export and selected a description, why do the message continue to say, "HS code for country of import was selected." ?
  • HS code selection is operated the way that HS code in user's own language is selected first, then matching HS code of the other party. Considering this principle, this is the case that the country of language which the user selected is the country of import, and that's why HS code for country of import is selected first.

Can I search items by general terms, not HS description?
  • Yes, you can. TCS program reflected a broad range of general terms for search to help effectively access to HS codes. These general terms are being updated on a consistent basis.

What is a commodity classification case?
  • Commodity classification case refers to an actual classification case with legal binding, as a reference to classification determined by Customs of each country with respect to a commodity whose HS code classification is difficult and confusing.

I try to select a certain HS description. But it doesn't work because relevant description remains inactivated. Why?
  • To select a certain HS description, you basically need to select HS code of relevant article. Until you select final HS code, it's required to refer to headings or subheadings of relevant HS code to help further refine your search. Accordingly, the inactivated HS codes and descriptions are provided as a reference only to final code selection.

To my knowledge, China is adopting 8-digit HS code. Then, why is it presented here as 10-digit code?
  • The China HS code we're providing here is further expanded version to 10-digit code by China Customs for more exact classification.

When I select HS code, I see another pop up-window appear. Why?
  • It's the case where finally selected HS code has more than one rate. In this case, the system is designed to provide another pop up to enable you select more exact HS description, resulting in more exact rates, costs, and requirements.

Item search isn't activated so that I cannot select or type any words.
  • IF the countries of export and import aren't selected, item search column becomes inactivated. It's the same when you select Other.

I set the United States as a country of export, but column for the country of export below remains inactivated, not allowing any entering.
  • Currently, TCS program just provides HS systems for Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. If you select other countries from Other box, item search column below remains inactivated, not allowing any entering. We, IT-SilkRoad is trying our best to cover more countries in our system for the forseeable future.

I input the exact HS code for a country of import.. but, the item I input isn't selected exactly. I want to know why.
  • TCS program is using the latest version of HS tariffs currently widely used by Customs of each country. Accordingly, if you type old version of HS tariffs, it may not be exactly matched. But, you may find the exact HS description if continuing to follow logical orders TCS guides.