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The Native-speaking country has been already set even though I didn't check it. Unchecking the selection also doesn't work. Why?
  • HS Navigator is operated in the way that users select relevant language, and HS code of the country using such language as native language serves as a navigator, matching HS code of other countries. For this reason, such selection may not be unchecked. It's a measure to enable users to select HS code in their own languages, and in turn, search more exact information.
    • According to the language selected at the top of this site, the HS code as a navigator becomes different.
      • Simplified Chinese ⇒ China HS code used
      • Traditional Chinese ⇒ Taiwan HS code used
      • Japanese ⇒ Japanese HS code used
      • Korean ⇒ Korea HS code used
      • Search directly English HS code in English without using native language as a navigator
    • If you want to search HS code of other countries directly without passing through a relay language, please select the language of your target country on the top of the main page of this site.

What is difference between TCS and HSN?
  • TCS and HSN may seem similar each other, but they're distinctly different. HSN system is designed to allow easier access to the core information than TCS, but falling short of TCS system in terms of its detailedness.
Entries 6 items(country, vehicle, route, item search, price terms, quantity) 2 items(country, item search)
Cost info provide cost info including duties, internal taxes, logistics costs through automated calculation Not provide cost info
Applied Tariff provide competitive rates including applied rates provide competitive rates but not applied rates
Intercountry comparisons provide various intercountry comparisons info through several simulations provide comparisons info between 4 countries through only a single search
Simulation provide various simulations by changing conditions and help identify the best terms of transaction Not identify the best terms of transaction owing to the impossibility of simulations

What are the upper, previous and next buttons in HSN result screen?
  • The upper button is the one used to move back to the step for selection of the first 4 digits of HS code. Previous button is for moving to HS code just before finally selected HS code, and Next button, as opposed to previous button, is for moving to HS code just following finally selected HS code.

How to search again in search results screen?
  • If you want to search again HS code for a country only, just click search country, and type HS code or item name, or select chapters from category on the left in the same way as you search items at first. If there are more than one search country and you want to search them at once, just close pop up window, and go back to the first page of HSN to run simulation again.

Dose HSN have a re-simulation function as the one in TCS?
  • HSN doesn't have re-simulation feature like TCS. However, HSN has not much required information to fill in, and has various features distinguished from TCS to allow free search in result screen, such as upper, previous, and next button