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What is "Drag" in EPR?
  • "Drag" function is the one you may use when you have brochures created. When you create a new brochure in other languages separately from old ones, you may drag old brochure to a new one, and translate directly. It's devised to help easily create a new brochure in different languages based on old brochure.

I'm trying to create an English brochure, but despite English setting, the title continues to be displayed in different language. Why?
  • It occurs because of skin language. Skin language is a feature to show the title only in skin language you selected for the convenience of creation or edit. In other words, the entire language of brochure is set and shown to other users in a language you chose when trying to create such brochure. But limitedly at the step of creating such brochure, the skin language may be shown in the language you selected.

Can I create more than one brochure in the same language?
  • Currently, you may create a brochure per language. In EPR, you may create multi-language brochures easily, and promote them without linguistic constraints, resulting in powerful promotion effect.

Why do columns for product profile and service profile occasionally appear or disappear on the screen?
  • The product profile and service profile are determined according to industry type you selected when creating a brochure. You may select one or several industry types. If you choose the type for trader, manufacturer, distributor, you may profile your products only. For types other than that, you may profile your services. If you select industry types which allow you to profile both your products and services, you may profile both of them.

Does the term, "Public" at the bottom of brochure mean that relevant brochure may be made public to users of this site, or unspecified users of general search portal sites?
  • The term, "Public" means the degree of disclosure in this site only.
    • Private : your brochure may not be found through brochure search. You may use this feature when you fail to complete your brochure or save temporarily in the middle of creation.
    • Make all written contents public : your brochure may be searched, and all written contents may be disclosed to members or non-members of this site all the time.
    • Make my contacts public only to logged-in members of this site : your brochure may be searched, but your key contact information may not be disclosed to non-members.