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FAQ General
What countries are covered in TCS program?
  • Currently, systems in 4 countries(China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan) are reflected in TCS program. For trades between such four countries, you may run interactive simulations.
  • For trades between one of these countries and other country, TCS program provides the information only on these four countries and logistics cost to ports of other countries.(one-way simulation).
  • TCS program doesn't cover trades between other countries except such 4 countries.
  • In order to effectively use this TCS program, you need to select at least one of these 4 countries as either import country or export country.
  • We're in progress to cover more countries in our systems, planning to ultimately build a world-wide system covering all countries across the world.

After running simulations, I tried to search corresponding products through Looking Items. But, it failed to display exactly matching products with such results. Is it because there aren't any exactly matching products? How can solve this situation?
  • Looking items is the service our family site, explaza.net, is providing, guiding products information only within the range of HS 4-digit(heading) code. That's why the exactly matching product may be unavailable. In that case, you may search products using search bar at the top of the site.

Generally, how is an applied tariff determined ? May I 100% trust such applied tariff?
  • TCS program is applying the latest tariffs currently provided by relevant country, and also such tariff is determined in accordance with priority order of tariffs application under the current laws of such country. For more details, you may refer to each documentation regarding tax rate and amount presented as simulation results.

What is the standard for exchange rate applied to the simulation?
  • The exchange rates are based on basic rate of exchange that trustworthy banks of relevant country provide, updated on a daily basis.

Each countries provide import/export requirements... Is such import or export possible only when these complicated requirements are 100% met?
  • TCS program customizes information for each user. Once you selected exact HS code, we recommend that you focus on faithfully preparing and complying with import/export requirements.

I wonder what points earned in AAA are used for?
  • Basically, you may give your points to answerer when asking a question. In addition, if you earn certain level of points, we offer practical benefits, such as free use of this site.

For payment, do I have to pay the money in payment methods limitedly provided according to each country?
  • Yes. You need to make a payment only using methods suitable for each countries to make sure safe and secure online payment.

Does IT-SilkRoad directly deal with customs clearance and shipping?
  • IT-SilkRoad doesn't directly take care of them. But, we provides LAS feature where you can place a bid and select proper business. We believe it'll be helpful for your more successful transaction.

Can I download each manuals?
  • Please refer to Copyright part of [Notices] of this site: IT-SilkRoad created all data, manuals and all other information in this system, indicating that we, IT-SilkRoad, reserve the copyright for our own use. Please note that anyone who is engaged in any infringement, theft, unauthorized use, copying, and distribution without the permission of the copyright holder shall be subjected to criminal punishment or financial liability in accordance with Copyright Act.

I am a member of ecplaza. To use TCS services, do I need to sign up to this site, itsilkroad. com?
  • Yes, you need to sign up. But, after signing up to this site, you're free to move between two sites without additional login.

I would like to use one-year service. Then, why is that 372 days?
  • Under our payment system, a month is basically calculated as 31 days. So, one year is calculated as "12 months X 31days =372 days".