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We are people who embarked on a new challenge.

Our organization consists of a coalition of international trade experts, and has prepared this site for around 10 years.

International trade is closely related to a cost issue and national systems.

In international trade, an array of lengthy information regarding relevant items, not personalized information, may bring out confusion only.

The reason that custom-made solution to such a significant core sector hasn't existed yet until now is because it's a scheme of too vast and complicated scope.

Now, we accepted the challenge on the area where everyone deemed it impossible to pioneer, and kicked off a long-wished project.

Until anyone has access to trade like going to the supermarket,

Until anyone has a power to control his/ her own information in trade,

Until every trade barrier from every nation opens in a transparent manner,

Until unlimited Silk Road Networks to every nation will be established,

We will move on and on.

IT-Silkroad Ltd.